Kan Holland supplies every imaginable accessory in connection with the training of dogs and the practice of dog sports and events. We supply training gear for professionals as well as for the enthusiastic recreationa l dog trainer. Our accessories are made of high standard professional quality and are made in Europe.

  • M.E. Line
    Leather M.E. line 18mm x 2mtr, made from quality cows leather. Comes with two handles, one at the end and one directly by the fastening eyehook.
  • Long leash anti-slip
    This cotton leash has rubber band woven throu gh it to prevent slipping. lt is 20 mm wide and comes in various lengths, with or without handle.
  • Bouncer
    Good quality bouncer on a rope.
  • Follow leash
    Made from quality cows leather, 18mm x 1.80mtr with copper fastening eyehook.
  • Collars
    Available in various sizes and made from cow's leather. They are available in thin and regular width.
  • Bite rolls
    For training your dog, made with nylon/cotton mix or burlap and available in various sizes with 1 and 2 handles.
  • Muzzle
    Muzzle made out ofleather and adjustable with strap and buckle.
  • Wire Muzzle
    This wire muzzle is a perfect solution for you and your dog. The muzzle is the best solution available for current training practices and during warmer weather. Superior ventilation prevents overheating and discomfort for your dog. The muzzle is adjustable with a strap around your dog's head.
  • Bite Pillow
    For training your dog. Available in 2 sizes and made with nylon/cotton mix or burlap.
  • French biting suits
    Our biting suits are designed to be used to train police dogs. The biting suits give optimal protection for the user in every situation, yet give maximum flexibility and mobility.
  • Puppy sleeve red/black/blue
    Protection sleeves can be used at any age and every level of training for your dog.
  • Rubber ball
    Rubber ball on a rope.