All our dogs undergo extensive medical check-ups and prior to their training all dogs are:

  • Micro chipped (according to European regulation)
  • Totally vaccinated for: Rabies, Canine Distemper, Lnfectious hepatitis, Parvo virus, Leptos pirosis.
  • X-rayed on hips, elbows and spine (digital x-rays)
  • Undergo a clinical examination, which will include a blood test for anti-rabies titter.
  • Free of heartworm, internal parasite diseases and extemal parasite diseases.

The client will receive all medical documents, passport and x-rays on DVD together with the dog. KAN Holland only works with experienced veterinarians, which are registered by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. If necessary, our veterinarians can be made available to our client in every possible location! They are intimately familiar with these dogs and we are happy to offer this extra service during the guarantee period.