Place: at the location in the designated country
Timeframe: minimum of twelve (12) weeks depending on the project organization and the level of expenence of the local dog handlers

One of our highly expenence K9 Managers will always start the project and will perform the following tasks:

Start of the project:

  • Advice and consult building of the kennel incl. meetings with the local architect
  • Advice/consult of K9 vehicles
  • Advice/consult obtaining scents for the training and training venues
  • Selection of the local dog handlers
  • Selection/advice of a local vetennanan
  • Manage the Basic Handler Courses

Tasks during the project:

  • Managing the kennel area
  • Administration and logging
  • Managing all K9 personnel
  • Advanced search strategies of vehicles, buildings, luggage and areas
  • Advanced guard techniques
  • Safety protocol
  • Manage the health of the dogsManage the health of the dogsā€¢
  • Perform DALLY quality control
  • Training and education of team leaders
  • Certification preparation EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)
  • Advanced decoy & guard-patrol dog training
  • Further additional tasks